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Speed Up Your Business Internet Connection

Your business’ internet connection is your lifeline to the outside world. Whether you work in the medical industry or the tech industry, nothing can destroy employee productivity and customer satisfaction like a slow internet connection.

Test Your Business Internet Speed

The internet service provider (ISP) you choose for your business can have a major impact on your daily operations.

If you notice a large difference between your office internet speed and what your monthly plan offers, there could be something wrong with your connection, and you should contact your ISP right away.

Boot the devices

If you’ve had cable internet before, you may already know that routers and modems can lose their functionality over time. Contact your internet service provider or the modem manufacturer for precise booting instructions. Once you have successfully rebooted your system, wait a few minutes before checking the internet connection on all of your devices.

Switch Up Your Web Browser

Try a few different internet browsers before you decide which one to work with. While many websites have JavaScript, each browser has their own unique JavaScript engine, with some being faster than others. Don’t clear your browsing cache or history unless you really need to.

Adjust Your Wireless Router

The wireless router you choose for your company can have a major impact on your business’ internet speed. Try to replace your wireless router with a new model every two or so years to achieve a reliable cable internet connection. The location and placement of your router also matters quite a bit.

Clean Up Your Hard Disk

A poorly-optimized hard disk can have a negative impact on your computer’s speed. Many business owners don’t realize that keeping their hard drive optimized only takes a few minutes and it can significantly improve your internet speed.

Update Your Firmware

If your cable modem is more than two years old, ask your internet service provider to give you a new model. Depending on the current ISP you use, this exchange will probably be free, and if there is a small fee, you can likely wave it by agreeing to sign up for another one-year contract.

Check Your Computer’s Performance

Your computer’s processor speed and the amount of memory (RAM) can also affect the speed at which you run programs.

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